by Eric Swain

There you are, in your pajamas and bunny slippers, shuffling out to the driveway with a cup of coffee, you bend down and reach for the newspaper and even before unraveling that rubber band from around the paper you see it. That large front page image that makes you pause, and think, you take a sip from your coffee up and then....... you un-band the paper to find out more.

Coming from a background in working with a newspaper it is the job of the Copy Desk Editor to find that compelling shot that the photographer took that helps tell the reporters story, visually. We are unique in that as a human race we have different methods of learning, some are audible, some need to read it and others simply need to see it to understand it. The greatest asset is when you can bring all of the above together to paint a better picture.

What is an Editorial Photo?

An Editorial Photo is an image that is not staged, but captured during an event that conveys an emotion or sense of what is happening at that very moment. This can be anything from a child’s face when he touches a farm animal for the first time, to the cry’s and raw emotion of someone who is watching their house burn. When the photographer is sent out on assignment it is their job to capture the event in a way that helps bring a visual aid to the reporters story.

How does Editorial Photography help my brand?

When you are telling your story about how your Solar Company is changing the lives of those whom for many years struggled to receive electricity, using an editorial photographer can be out there to help capture that moment when the community flips the switch for the first time. That raw emotion of seeing their lives change is a powerful thing. When your non-profit cancer fighting organization creates a walk-a-thon and aligns the path with bags of luminaries of all the victims that passed, those editorial style photos can help you tell your story on why you’re raising money fight the disease. Editorial photography has a special place in showcasing the raw emotion in everyday people, be it happy, sad, angry or blasé.

Every brand has a story, a reason or purpose behind why they went into business, it is a pleasure to work with those who want to share their story. SwainBro’s works with some of the very best photographers that have a background in Photojournalism and have honed and crafted their art of tell stories though the lens. If you would like to know more about how SwainBro’s can help you grow your brand through Editorial Photography than contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.

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