Everyone Has a Story, Save The Children

by Eric Swain

Actually this title is a little misleading, the truth is EVERYBODY has a story, this goes beyond the brand. Storytelling is within all of us, we all have a unique space in which we draw from and have traveled an individual road that makes us who we are. Jump on You-Tube and you will find an endless see of people who have a deep desire to tell their story. It is in that story that a Brand is built, don’t believe me? Just take a look at any of today’s reality TV shows and you will find a Brand in each of them.

Why we care?

Why do we care about a Brands story? We care because it allows us to grow an emotional connection with something memorable that isn’t always tangible. There was a study done in where researchers asked 10 students to give a 1 minute persuasive pitch to the other members of their class. On average, 2.5 statistics were used, but only 1 out of the 10 students told a story. After 10 minutes the instructor had everyone in the class pull out a piece of paper and write down the ideas that they remembered, only 5% of the class could recall any of the statistical numbers but 63% of the class remembered the story. We are hard wired to remember how we feel, the same way we are to eat, sleep and think freely.

What’s in a story?

Summing it up in a single verb or maybe even noun, impact. Research shows that people are more likely to purchase something from a Brand that they believe in, one that they can trust. When a Brand can make an impact on society people will stop and take notice, they will help spread the message and encourage others to follow and do the same. It is within the story that when told creates an impact with the audience. I’ll give you an example, when “Save the Children” needed to create a recent campaign they decided to hire two different marketing firms that went in opposite directions. The first firm used a series of statistics and infographics to tell their story. The other firm also used the same statistics but also decided to talk about Rokina, a seven year old girl from Mali who faced the threat of severe hunger. By telling her story the campaign brought awareness that created a deeper impact over that of the infographic brochure created by the first firm.

How do we tell the story?

Most stories are told using several mediums, there is the art of the pen, camera and design to build a completed package. As in modern journalism a story is no longer just one laid out on paper but one that allows the viewer to become more immured through the visual arts of video, sound and photography. The story is constant and defines the culture, the passion, the love of the Brand. Your story begins before the beginning and is constantly evolving and growing organically socially online, and offline. Trust is a part of the really big values of your brand, almost underpinning all other forms of communication within your company. Any constituency that is touching your Brand be it business partners, consumers or investors need to trust and believe in your story. Authenticity is the driving force to telling your story and telling it right.

You have a story, let us help you tell your story. SwainBro’s has taken a passion into building your Brand through storytelling. We believe in immersive initiatives that take storytelling to the next level utilizing mediums that include, Audio, Video, Photography, Copywriting, Social Awareness, Social Distribution, Podcasting, Advertorial Print, Web and Mobile Development, Event Production, and more. We help facilitate the ecosystem of Brand development that tells the complete story. If you would like to know more about how SwainBro’s can tell your story contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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