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by Eric Swain

Law Firms though late to the party were actually one of the front runners in adopting modern technology into their practice. That sense of always connected, always on, always available has been shown since the inception of the cellular telephone. One problem plaguing law firms today is clarity, most firms offer a large menu of services but in doing so they lose their sense of branding. That one thing that makes them unique or different from the other firms in town.

What’s in a brand?

A brand, not to be confused with marketing is a set of core values and meaning that explains a business’s purpose and value. As an example, when you go out to buy a soda many people will choose their choice based off of a brand. These companies invested and dedicated time, energy and money to market and grow their brand. Consumers then grow an emotional attachment to the brand and end up as influencers helping to create brand awareness.

Branding your niche product

Most law firms start out with a niche product or service that serves a certain set of clients, whether it’s family law or medical mal-practice the firm finds their purpose and direction. Over time most firms grow to offer other products either by hiring other specialized attorneys that can offer different products and services or by changing their direct.

BP Oil Spill

Of over 130 different law firms that filed suit against BP only a handful built a campaign to make it easier for people affected to file claims. One such group, The Downs Law Group hired a branding firm and immediately went out and purchased the domain, and went to work on branding and building out their way of helping and serving the affected community. This group worked together and built media that was shared throughout as the go to firm to discuss claim eligibility within the region.

This obviously is an extreme case and disasters like this do not spring up all of the time, but building your brand does. Finding solutions to your client’s needs is why you are in business, if they want out of a marriage you help them with their divorce, if they want to start a business, you help them with their articles of incorporation, get caught driving under the influence, you help try to reduce their sentence?

How does Branding help my clients?

Branding helps bring clarity to your offering, by offering a clear solution to how you may assist them, they will know who to go to when needed. Branding doesn’t just mean creating a logo and calling it good. Creating a campaign that spans across Social, Web, Mobile and Print in a native way is the direction that helps build and establish your Brand. Content Marketing is the new direction that creates an emotional connection from your potential Clients to your Brand.

If you would like to know more about how Branding can help grow your law practice contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be glad to give your more information. We are a team of creatives who enjoying finding new and innovative ways of grow and strengthen your Brand. Your law firm needs a Branding initiative and SwainBros is here to help, contact us today.

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