SwainBros Year in Review 2015

by Eric Swain

First off we would like to thank everyone who has been supportive of SwainBros as we launched our business into the unknown. Our goal was to create and build something that would elevate the creative and with that I am reminded of a quote from Theodore Issac Rubin “Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best”.

Find your beginning

2015 started out as an interesting year, there were a lot of changes that led to Paul and myself asking many questions, and trying to answer few. There was something after 2014 that left both of us with the feeling and need to build something; our father was an entrepreneur who took his work and life experience and turned it into a successful business model and we felt the need to do the same. In the early months we spent many a lunch hour at a burger joint writing down ideas on a napkin on how we could use our education, work and life experience to build something that offered solutions to both businesses and individuals alike.

Roots of TenOn

In 2000 Paul and myself started a rock band along with a friend. We had the great pleasure of building something from nothing and sharing it with a lot of cool people that led to some epic journey’s. Through all the fun came a ton of work, marketing, web development, branding, audio engineering, sound development, lighting, cabinet building and logistics… yeah who would of thought being in a band meant so much work. With SwainBros we wanted to take what we knew from TenOn and expand upon it. We wanted to take this model of building something out of nothing, this journey of a start small but shoot for the star’s approach, and that is just what we did. Through all the years of playing we realized that the name “TenOn” was more than a band name, it was a way of life… always live your life TenOn… go beyond your expectations.

Filling the void

With my years in IT and Paul’s years in Business Development it was only fitting that we build a Media Production Company, right? Well to be honest, Production was something that we had been doing all along, just for other organizations. We were always designing, building, shooting, creating some production for some event for some company and it was never looked at as a real business need. But the fact is, there really aren’t a lot of options when it comes to finding a company that can fill that void….. until now.

Networking still works

Though all the technology and implementation of social advertising we were still shocked to see that it is still the boots on the ground, person to person networking that has lead us to our business growth. Now I am not saying that we do not or will not advertise, actually we are working on that plan right now as we speak, but our starting point really was though networking and our contacts.


This year felt like it whizzed right by, didn’t it feel that way to you? Maybe that was because we were able to stay busy and saw our business grow, nothing like seeing your work in print, television and online editorials and advertisements. Though out the year we were able to work with some really amazing clients who trusted us to help build and grow their brand online and off. Together we were able to accomplish a lot but also found times when bringing on other talent allowed us to reach even further.

What the future holds

Even though 2015 was an exciting year we are already looking forward to 2016 being and even greater year with a ton of new opportunities in store for us. Look for SwainBros as plan on growing our brand under TenOn and developing new relationships that will help you grow your brand through photography, videography, sound and lighting design and engineering. We want to push events into new levels with production values found only in larger markets. We will continue to network and push our envelope to continue to create art. We are excited and we hope that you are too…

Hello 2016… We’re coming for you…