by Eric Swain

Have you ever thought about your life and said, “man… I could write a book”. The things we experience and the things that we endure on our journey in life is individual to yourself and sometimes those experiences will lead you down a windy path towards brilliance. Those are the stories that give purpose to why we do what we do… we are story tellers and we want to help tell your story.

clip from the movie E.T.

As a child I was always fascinated with cinema, the way you would get lost in the story whether that was a child trying to help an alien being trying to find its way back home or an intergalactic battle between a father and son or simply how two animals from a farm can go on an amazing journey and how the story develops right before your eyes as they attempt to make it back to their farm only to lose each other along the way. Stories are everywhere, and I love to hear new ones fact or fiction, every day.

How does story telling translate into business?

Local Business Spread the Love helps feed the homeless

I believe in a deeper connection, there are times when you walk into a business and it feels cold and lifeless. You are there for a purpose but you do not have an emotional attachment to it, you simply carry on with your transaction and carry on about your day. Now what if I told you that through their business they spend a considerable amount of time and money to help feed the homeless and hire special needs people to support their business. Without knowing their story you would continue to feel like the business was just…… a business, but by knowing you now have an emotional attachment and humanization behind it. We all feel, and have compassion for those that go above and beyond, those that live with purpose or those who rose out of the ashes to become something that others would deem as successful. We all have our personal story and most of the time it goes unnoticed or unannounced but what if there was a way to help you tell it?

What does the equipment do?

I believe our tools and equipment used are there to only better tell your story, our cameras are there to capture the nuances and expressions, our sound equipment brings life to your voice and gives atmosphere to the situation, our lighting sets the mood for the story you are telling. In the end the equipment is just a tool, our goal is the capture and display to the viewer how they need to see your story. We may use the drone to help establish the location while cutting to a shot that better frames it from a different perspective then ending on a tight shot where we now get to see the person that is telling their story. Utilizing one shot or one camera angle may not leave the viewer as stimulated and drawn in as a scene shot from multiple different angles and perspectives.

What if my story isn’t about my business?

Everyone has a story

Our life is a story, and you are right, sometimes we just need to tell it. This may happen as a young girl who is coming of age or a couple who are deciding to take the ultimate plunge in matrimony. Love is a beautiful thing and when we have the opportunity to capture the essence of life and love we take it. The journey of two people who come from different paths and have found a way to each other is still amazing to me and it is one that I enjoy sharing in when told. “How did you meet”, “They did what to get your attention”? These are questions that are unique and individual to each person. Capturing that kiss, that dance, that smile, that look, that feeling like there is no one else in the room but the two of them is an amazing and raw emotion that I truly love to be a part of.

Our business and our motivation has led us down a path that allows us to work with amazing clients that have unique and amazing stories that we love to share. If you or someone you know has a business that has an amazing story then contact SwainBros and let us help you share your story.