by Eric Swain

Do you have a corporate event or meeting coming up? Let’s face it, no one likes to sit through a boring meeting that discusses regurgitated content over and over. We want to leave inspired, or at least with a smile on our face because we now have a better understanding on the direction and mission we have ahead of us. Now what if we moved the needle and created content that would generate and super charge the audience, here are 10 ideas that you may consider when creating your next corporate video.

1. Day in the Life of “Joe”

We all know “Joe”, he’s a great guy, has awesome “water cooler” jokes and drinks about a gallon of coffee a day. When we ask, what does Joe do? Most know his title… Well.. umm… he’s the “Director of First Impressions”,(receptionist). I know, fancy title huh? But wouldn’t it be cool to see what that role actually entails?

2. Best place to work.. EVER

You know your company is the best, you cater to your employees, offer the best incentive and benefit packages but sometimes it good to rally the troops and spear head onward and upward with a motivational word from your employees. There is nothing stronger than a company who is back by their employees and willing to share their experiences and can do attitude on film.

3. Funny Company Story

Funny Corporate Video

There is nothing like a community of laughter that leaves a better impression on an employee’s moral when leaving a conference or meeting. Corporate meetings don’t have to be boring or contrite but can be humorous and entertaining. Telling a funny company story to charge the audience only goes to show the human side of the business and help build moral.

4. Honored Employee

We all have that one employee that comes in super early and stays super late. They love what they do and it shows. There is that one employee who would rather vacation at their desk then miss out on the day to day activity. Creating a video to honor and salute that employee goes and extremely long way towards keeping the very best employees on your team.

5. Project Documentary

Do you have a project that you are getting ready to start? Shooting a project documentary from the beginning, middle and end is a great way to show completion and accomplishment that you collectively as company have completed. Videos can be done with a following interview of the PM (Project Manager) to discuss the trials, tribulations and success that the project took along the way.

6. How NOT to Video

Do you have a customer service department for your products? Have they told you about all of the crazy and mind bottling questions and use cases they have heard about your product? Example, someone once called a top selling Blender company to ask if they could repair their blades because this product was strong enough to crush a cell phone. Well obviously this kind of use was never intended but what if? Why not create a video on how NOT to use a product.

7. Favorite Customer

I know we touched on the honored employee but what about that high volume customer? Surely you are doing something right as they come back again and again. Why now show your appreciation but recognizing them and creating a video honoring their service to your business.

8. Company Profile Video

You and your team have worked hard at building your company to the size that it is today but what with the turn of employees you company mission statement and goals get shuffled with the day to day operation. Creating a leadership video that clearly outlines your mission statement and goals are a great way to showcase the objectives of your business.

9. Year In Video

Do you have an end of year conference with your employees? Do you discuss and summarize the “year in business”? Do you discuss the goals achieved or missed, the future opportunities and the path towards growth? Creating a video to present and display will help to strengthen your message and unify your team towards the collective goal.

10. Conference Summary of the Conference

Do you tape the conference? Creating a summary of the events that took place is a great way to share with your team that was not able to make the conference a brief summary of what went on.

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