Have you started to take notice on your social media site that were once full of text based posts now becoming ever so filled with visual media? Was this by accident? The answer is no, for many years visual media was only obtainable and displayed by the larger players in town that could afford to hire a dedicated marketing firm that offered these resources. In today’s topography you have to find and discover ways to not be in someone’s line of fire when taking photos or video. We have become an always connected, always sharing and always displaying world.

There is something that is to be said about that feeling you get when a room full of people gather together to collectively celebrate something. Be it an award, a cause, a thank you luncheon, a celebration for promotion or another round of funding. In our core we are hunters and gathers, we band together to celebrate, share and reward each-other. Here are 5 ways you can use an event to grow and strengthen your brand.

One of the beauties of photography is to have the ability of capturing a single frame of time. The power that a photograph processes can invoke an emotion, a feeling, a tone that amplifies a message.