Over the past month SwainBros has been working on several different projects but one in particular has an element close to the hearts of both Eric and Paul. "As members of the rock band Ten-On, music; which invokes a positive influence in both Paul and myself will always have a special place in our hearts and Swainbros is proud to partner with The Imperial Valley Press to bring back and help redesign the segment that was started by ex-editor Richard Brown and videographer Alejandro Davila", says Eric Swain.

Image courtesy of Pabst Law Firm of San Diego

Law Firms though late to the party were actually one of the front runners in adopting modern technology into their practice. That sense of always connected, always on, always available has been shown since the inception of the cellular telephone. One problem plaguing law firms today is clarity, most firms offer a large menu of services but in doing so they lose their sense of branding. That one thing that makes them unique or different from the other firms in town.

Everyone Has a Story, Save The Children

Actually this title is a little misleading, the truth is EVERYBODY has a story, this goes beyond the brand. Storytelling is within all of us, we all have a unique space in which we draw from and have traveled an individual road that makes us who we are. Jump on You-Tube and you will find an endless see of people who have a deep desire to tell their story. It is in that story that a Brand is built, don’t believe me? Just take a look at any of today’s reality TV shows and you will find a Brand in each of them.

Suppose it is possible that you could correspond with your clients and prospects as genuine people, holding hundreds, thousands, even a large number of special online dialogs with every last one. Address them in a manner that would slice through the commotion and converse with their own advantage, activities, and inclinations? What's more, do it in a manner that was versatile and inside sensible budgetary imperatives?

The true cost behind developing and maintaining a website:

This is a question that comes across our desk all the time; why pay for something when I can get it for free? I can help quantize this question with another question. Why do we buy bottled water, when we can go down to a pond, lake or canal and fill up a jug for free? This type of expression can parallax into many different fields but the point is what may seem like a good thing because of the lower upfront cost may not truly be the case in the end. I will try to help break it down so that we may see what "Free" really looks like.